Sanchary Pal


I am so excited that you decided to view my website. I sincerely hope you would enjoy my work and appreciate the hard work I put in making them.

I am a communication graduate student at DePaul university concentrating on public relations and advertising major. Born and raised in India, currently I reside in the Gold Coast area of Chicago. Highly passionate and enthusiastic about the marketing and public relation industry. I have experience in various departments of the communication field involving marketing, client servicing,human resource etc. Hope to continue contributing more to this wonderful domain.

I am extremely social and love meeting new people. On weekends I generally plan for outdoor activities with my friends like boating, long drives, paintball and more. Dance is the love of my life and I do not miss any chance of dancing - be it in a club or on Michigan Avenue.

I also love traveling and have bucket list of 24 cities in the world out of which I have completed just 7.

Overall I can describe myself as a fun-loving, social and adventurous person who is extremely dedicated to follow her passions in life.

Thank you for putting the effort and viewing my page. I really appreciate your time and interest.

Let the tour begin!

P.S Next time you want to experience a new cuisine, please remember me.

Fun Facts about me

  • I was born with six toes on my left foot .
  • I survived 2 diseases simultaneously when I was 2 months old. My mom calls me a miracle.
  • I am trained in 5 kinds of sports .
  • I am trained in 8 forms of dance and for over 15 years now.
  • I have not been to Chicago Sky-Deck even once till now.