Sanchary Pal

Multimedia Projects

Raater Otithi

My undergraduate degree involved a significant number of film making and movie projects. Raater Otithi (Visitors of the Night) is in Bengali and my first photo-montage movie project where I not only contributed to the art direction but also acted in it. It is a movie made with a lot of emotions and for promoting a social issue. It is about Maoist terror, a militant group in India, and how they terrorize the territories. The story begins with a girl named Nayan and her family. Her dad is a political leader and thus the enemy of the Maoists.

The Note is a silent continuity short movie we made in our final year of college. It features a small homeless boy who suddenly comes across a big 100 rupee note. What follows afterwards is heart-warming.It is one of my favorite creations by my team and I absolutely love the story and cinematography.

The Note

Pecha Kucha Presentation

Professor Juliet Stanz
Research Methods
PRAD 585

For the Research methods class, I created a Prezi presentation about the case study of Windows campaign where they partnered with the Nokia Flagship phones. The presentation included the objectives of the campaign, research, campaign concept and ides, advertisements and finally the impact.