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Bored Tonight? Express yourself through some Paint on Glass


When I was young, a lot of problems used to trouble me, like homework, cleaning my room, eating vegetables and so on. I am thankful to my mother today because she took me to an art school where I could ‘de-stress’ during the weekends. In that space I learnt the wonderful art of glass painting and eventually started falling in love with the concept. Not only did it eliminate all the tensions in my life but also allowed me to express my inner self through it.So if you guys are also in my shoes and want a break from the perfunctory life, grab a set of glass colors and start expressing your feelings through the art.

 You would need a clear piece of glass slab for normal illustration or glass items like wine bottles, colored windows to create a stained glass painting. You would also require glass paint, which comes in different varieties for different kind of painting outcomes. Colors in a pack are generally available in rainbow shades with two varieties- Opaque and Transparent. As the name suggests, Opaque colors are a little thicker, fuller and richer giving the painting a more vibrant look. The Transparent ones are thinner and give a see-through look that is ideal for stained glass concept.
After selecting your choice of materials, you need to get a white art paper and cut it according to the size of your glass. Draw the subject in the paper and put the glass on top of it to trace the drawing on the glass using a black liner, which is generally included in the set. You can eliminate the above process if you are painting on an object like a wine glass, and draft the drawing directly on the glass.
When you are done outlining, leave the glass for 3-5 hours for the liner to dry properly. You would notice that the liner has created thick black walls between two spaces in the painting. Fill colors into those spaces according to your taste and desire. You can also use glitter colors to add a little flash. Do not forget to burst the bubbles in the applied colors with a pin before it dries. Let it dry for 2-3 hours and see your painting come alive!

 Here are some examples from my childhood days.

Business Memo

Writing Samples


Professor Ron Culp

Public Relations & Advertising Mangement

PRAD 530

Professor Jill Stewart

Public Relations Writing

PRAD 515

The following two writing samples are from Jill Stewart's Public Relations Writing class (PRAD 515). She is an extremely helpful professor who understood my qualms about the second language and facilitated my learning accordingly. My writing skills improved significantly because of her teaching which contributed to my skills as a public relations professional.

This memorandum is from professor Ron's agency management class. The memo consists of detailed information about Ogilvy and Weber Shandwick to facilitate our CEO's decision about selecting an agency for the company.This class was fun as we got to visit all the big agencies in the city and learn about their management structure. Ron is ever helpful and always there for his students.

Press release

Press Release

For Immediate Release: May 3, 2015



Elementary School to Shelter the Underprivileged

CommunicAID offers to acquire a school building in Mercer Street to serve the needy.


Anytown, YS May 3, 2015 - CommunicAID has been able to negotiate the buying of Mercer street elementary school for $2.5 billion to expand their existing domain in serving the underprivileged. This is a welcome addition to their existing domains of community services in the opposite side of the city.
The facilities in the new location provided would include a satellite office for CommunicAID staff operating in the area, office space for non-profit affiliations of the organization, conference rooms for community educational services and meetings, counseling rooms for client meetings, 32- bed overnight shelter, 60 person day shelter with food supplies, 30-person long term family shelter and 12,000 square foot food pantry.

 The organizations received monetary contributions from the following sources to implement and develop the acquisition. YourState Housing Authority has promised to grant $500,000 out of which 50% is dedicated towards removal of asbestos and lead paint from the basement. Anytown City Council has approved to contribute $250,000 and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has sanctioned a low interest loan through federal facilities improvement fund.

Some of the significant work of CommunicAID in the past year includes an open house every Sunday, at which residents of Anytown are invited and welcome to tour the center and learn about the programs and volunteering opportunities, the Key Club at the Anytown High School organized fundraisers and food drives for the Mercer Food pantry for a project and received positive publicity for their creative ideas, and the Central College communication Honor Society adopted the homeless shelter for a year project and challenged all the other departments in surpassing them in collecting daily items needed by shelter inhabitants.

 Lori Smythe, Director of Communication & Media said “ We are happy to help the underprivileged and provide them with a new life where they can thrive and have a better future. This new location will add opportunities to the deserving poor population in this side of the city.”

CommunicAID was founded in 1944 by a group of citizens who were concerned about the rising number of homeless in Anytown and by the apparent lack of services to assist them. The original aim of the group was to care for the homeless by providing food and shelter. It quickly expanded to a larger scale by helping homeless find work and housing that would allow them to escape from their poverty status. In 1998 CommunicAID secured a grant from the YourState Housing Authority for the renovation of a building on CommunicAID offices and the city’s first homeless shelter. CommunicAID has itself has grown to include a development department to raise funds and IT and Communications Departments to provide computers, advertising & public relations services for both CommunicAID and affiliates.



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